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Solo Training Mastery – Shadow Training

Do you ever feel you are not making the right move? 

Do you ever notice that you are forcing yourself and building up tension in your body? 

These happen because your opponent is in the way. These are the indications that you may not be able to move properly on your own in the first place. Then, you need to check your solo movement.

If you are not relaxed and smoothly making your movement, how can you do that with someone fighting against you? In solo training, you can learn and expand the vocabulary of specific movements to the point that they are comfortable. The more you are comfortable, the more you can apply them with your opponent freely. 

The virtual class explores defense and attack movement from every possible direction, angle, and range that you can make in a fight. Otherwise, you limit yourself within what you already know. Not only that, but you also study crucial principles, including Breathing, Relaxation, and Structure, that empower any movement. 

Solo Mastery Virtual Class :

  • Learn to move precisely and effortlessly without fear and disturbance

  • Follow-along exercises and drills, covering all aspects of combat from striking, grappling, weapon use, escapes, and more.

  • Not mere physical exercises or calisthenics, but you train specific combat movements and principles

  • No fear or worry whatsoever, therefore you are relaxed to learn any movement

  • Most of the classes are focused on movement, but the importance of the other principles like breathing, relaxation, and structure are covered in details. 

  • The topic is endless, for we deal with every possible situation.

  • Q&A through email support and a private Facebook group

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3 Classes per week.

MWF @ 6pm PST.

Recordings for each class will be available for 5 days.

Lesson Fee:
$20/Week (3 Classes)
1st Class is FREE!