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Are you ready for the unforeseeable, the unexpected? When danger strikes, you have no idea how or where it will begin or the way it will end. In the explosion of the moment, your techniques and strategies go out the window. All you have is your subconscious reaction. First and foremost, your body has to know how to effectively move to escape from harm because fighting may not always be the wise choice…


So what happens to our body, mind and psyche in a moment of crisis? Your emotions rise, perception becomes obscured, and hypertension is created. These typical reactions obstruct your performance at every level. Our training in particular focuses on freeing yourself from these common unconscious reactions to make your survivability more probable.


Training in our unique method can help you to recondition your mind, body, and psyche to intelligently respond to any emergency at any given moment.


Menamy 'Tsunami' Mitanes has trained in the Russian martial art of Systema for over 13 years and is certified as an instructor under Systema HQ in Toronto, Canada.

He has worked & trained under some of the most sought after Systema instructors in the world, like Masters Mikhail Ryabko, Vladimir Vasiliev, and Martin Wheeler.


He also holds black belts in Judo & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has been a certified Jeet Kune Do instructor. “Systema opened up great possibilities for me as a martial artist. Physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually… (basically) all aspects as a human being.” 

Menamy, holds Systema seminars around the world and is also a guest instructor teaching at the highly regarded martial arts training facility of The Academy Beverly Hills, CA.


In Systema no class is ever the same as the last one, just as every day unfolds differently in life. Many times, the training will include weapons such as knives, guns, sticks, etc. and include striking, kicking and grappling as well as multiple attackers with different weapons. Just like in reality, you’ll never know what you may experience in a class with us.


Different terrains, environments and conditions will also alter the way you fight or escape. If you never know the condition in which “attacks”or “danger” might occur, then techniques are not the best tools to rely on. What makes you survive and thrive depends largely on the 4 Major Principles: Breath. Relaxation. Kinetics. Structure. Our practice is based on an ever evolving progression of drills and exercises founded on those principles. 


Breathing – proper breathing relaxes your body and restores your power in the moment of crisis against negatively charged emotions that rob your power.

Relaxation – essential in taking less damage from any attack and transferring your true power into your opponent and allow you to move freely.

Kinetic Motion – creates constant flow of power and movement from within, that allows you to escape and counter seamlessly.

Structure – aligns your body to the most powerful state and overcomes others’ strength effortlessly.


The core of Systema is to understand & know yourself: to be in your own true power.

If at any time in life you don’t feel free in yourself, you will feel stuck and powerless, which undermines your physical performance. Therefore, we must look beyond the physical, and align ourselves internally.


Fear, Anger, and Frustration are common emotions you experience in fighting. These negative emotions trap you and disempower you. You must train to restore your freedom when you’re taken by such mental states, and express it externally with your structure and relaxation, which harnesses your real power even in dangerous, high-pressure conditions and beyond.


Contact Fitness is the state-of-the-art way of exercising where the benefits far exceed any other lone regime. Exercising while making physical contact with others creates a synergy of symbiotic intelligence, a dynamic that helps build and strengthen the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of the individual through the training.  

Healing is usually the unseen and foundational work of Systema. We become true, powerful warriors and optimal human beings from a state of well-being, not from a state of negativity. Without a strong and healthy body, mind, & spirit, our journeys could be short lived.


Come train with us. Send US a quick message to request a free class.




Guenser Park | 4PM – 6PM
17800 Gramercy Pl
Torrance, CA 90504

Alhambra Park | 11AM – 1PM
500 N Palm Ave
Alhambra, CA 91801


Group Classes:
$20 / per person

Private Classes:
$149 / 1 private class
$697/ 5 private classes 
$1299 / 10 private classes